While “Modernization” connotes thinking anew and evolving innovative solution to societal challenges, “Westernization”, on the contrary, entails the imposition of western culture on non-western nations.
Looking at the present scenario, from our culture, language, education, political ideology, down to other socio-economic and institutional structures, it is obvious that Africa is deeply westernized. 
Alas! We know that the continent has been systematically caught in the web of westernization through the rigours of colonialism, and the current yet more clandestine apparatus of Western-imposed neoliberal economic policies.

 The greatest tragedy is that the westernization of Africa is a square peg in a round hole because the African socio-cultural environment is not the same as the West. Thus, the more westernized Africa gets, the more exacerbated and complex her development challenges! That is why today, despite its resourcefulness and wealth, Africa is still stuck in the shackles of the third world.