Atoyebi Akin

Ode to the Mighty Heroes…

To mighty heroes of the sun city
I write to seek for your gains in the lengthy misery
That raped your kingdom across the seas
beyond the oceans against your wish
Let it not be so forgotten within the smile
That you have once cried over the nights
Seeking for ways inside your thought
Let it not be so faded inside the seeming fog
That you vowed to arm yourself with truest cord, Love
To guide against the raiding storms
That rail around to park the lost to build its height
In countless time during your groaning
You have always ask the fate to return your
And here it come but where are you?

Obare Eugene….
I took the letter home today.
I ran down the narrow road, thorns prickling my bare feet,​​​​
Clutching the letter to my chest,
The road our politician have been promising to tarmac, every year, but no day.
But today I wasn’t bothered, I had this letter in my hand.
Yes, my shorts were torn and the wind caressed my bare bum.
Yes, my mum still repaired the leaky grass-thatched roof every day.
Yes, daddy still mined at the quarry, his fingers filled with blisters.
And yes, nothing was going to change for the moment
But I thought maybe, just maybe
This letter from school could help make it better.
This letter, filled with clustered As and scattered Bs
A letter of hope.